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BBQ sauce, cigars, Basset Hounds, and a that's a killer combo.

I'm a Web Strategist. But I've been a truck driver, gold miner, and all-around blue collar guy. After returning to college and pursuing a degree in Multimedia and Web Development, I have worked exclusively on the Web. For the past eleven years, I've worked with businesses of all types, including major medical institutions, research facilities and higher education. I've had a hand in or directed development of a variety of websites.

I'm well versed in current design techniques, including mobile and/or responsive design. In an industry that evolves daily, it's important to be aware of and explore the latest trends in both the design and technology behind the design. My focus was initially a designer's, but over the years has shifted to content. The content dictates the site design, layout, and functionality.

Through that shift, I've also become somewhat of an expert in content management systems, working with and implementing quite a variety of them. I bring my blue collar work ethic to both the production of the site and appreciate the ongoing relationship that gets built during the life of the project and beyond.

Oh, and by the way, even though I'm a Mac user now, some might say fanatic, that old Pentium computer is probably still around here somewhere…


My Work

Web Strategist, Dakota State University – Madison, SD
I manage university and athletics websites. I oversee multiple projects for university's academic, administrative, and research departments.

I manage the web team who maintains and upgrades the university's public websites; we are responsible for thousands of pages of content. I initiate re-architecture and redesign of existing sites, and deploy content management systems.

I offer strategic consultation for university web services and I also offer strategic recommendations to university administration for new media initiatives.

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